When purchasing a new mac there are many options to consider. Hard drive space, amount of RAM, processors, Wi-Fi routers, and back up systems. Is your head spinning yet? We know our stuff and we can help price out the right equipment, purchase, deliver and set it all up. If you’re ready to buy a new mac, call us first for a free 20 min consolation

Data Transfer
Making the switch from an old system to a new one can be an overwhelming experience. We can do it for you. We offer a data transfer service that makes it easy to make the switch.

Backup solutions
Losing important data can leave you in a state of panic, so let’s eliminate that possibility my performing good back ups. Mac computers have a great archiving system in place, so why not use it? We can set it up in just a few minutes so even if your computer goes down, the data won’t go down with it.

Run Windows on your Mac with Parallels
Some businesses require a pc to get the job done; We can create a virtual Windows environment right on your Mac without the need of a physical windows machine.

Google Apps Set up and Consulting
Prefer working in an online environment? We can set you up and train you and your staff on Google’s business application.  This is a great service that is inexpensive and very effective when all services are taken advantage of. We’ll get you set up and get you going on google’s mail, contacts and calendar application, Google drive for online file storage, and Google hangouts for video conferencing.


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