CD Conversion
When was the last time you cracked open that CD book? Probably not since 2002 when you bought your first iPod. Workflow Techs will transfer your entire cd collection to an iTunes library so you can enjoy your music on a computer, IOS devices, and apple TV. Instead of re-purchasing all of that old music and spending days importing old cds, let our transfer specialists do it for you.

VHS and camcorder tape to digital
Sitting on stacks of old home movies on VHS or Camcorder tapes? Free up some space in your life and bring back old memories. We are equipped to digitize and preserve old video for playback on computer, iOS devices, and Apple TV. DVD burning and hard drive archiving is also available.

Photo Scanning
Digital photos have been in the mix for over a decade now. Most of us still have boxes of old photos that never get looked at. We provide a quick turnaround photo scanning service in which we scan crop, edit and organize old photos into hi-resolution Jpegs. We arrange your scanned photos into an iPhoto library to easily integrate into your existing digital photo library.
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